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Lifestyle & Nutrition\\

Irrespective of your diagnosis YOU play an important part in your own health. There are steps that we believe no matter what therapy you undergo are vital for your overall improvement in outcome. 


What defines a GERD diet and what is best for you when you have reflux managed medically and by diet. There are many books and many experts that will try and guide you to modify your diet to reduce reflux. However, there is no ideal diet that fits everyone's symptoms. There are cardinal rules to eating that are fundamental for symptom control and some food groups have shown some association but we could do better.

Important first steps for most patients with reflux is to eat balanced meals which are healthy and to improve your lifestyle choices that may impact your eating, sleeping, and exercise patterns. 

Our nutritionists can help guide diet options and best eating practices. Our group will also encourage healthy exercise patterns. 

Stress has also been shown to impact reflux symptoms and we have seen patients with symptoms that after accurate testing shows no evidence of reflux. Anecdotally we have patients that when they go on vacation will have resolution of symptoms. It is important to identify the impact of our environment on symptoms and careful assessment is warranted in some patients.

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