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First Visit //

In preparation for your First Visit there are a few steps we recommend to make the consultation of maximal benefit:

  • If you have any medical record related to your visit reason please send those in or have available for review at the consultation

  • For imaging although reports are helpful if you can obtain copies of the images on disks which are usually available to you and send those or bring them in for review that would be greatly informative and facilitate your care

  • Certain procedures can be performed at the time of your visit like manometry. However, if you are traveling to New York for the consultation we can try and coordinate most of the testing and procedures in a short period. If this is the case please let the office staff know.

There are specific forms that you can complete at your convenience and bring to your appointment. One is a medical questionnaire form and the other is for assessing reflux. 





Health plans //

Our providers take a variety of insurance plans and our staff will work with you if your insurance plan is not one we typically take.

Our staff will confirm your insurance and advise you of any issues.

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