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Our offices are on the Weill Cornell New York Presbyterian Campus on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This is where we can perform manometry for achalasia, reflux and esophageal disorders. We usually try and arrange this at the time of your first visit. Please call the office to ensure that appropriate testing including COVID testing is performed prior to arrival if planning a manometry. 

The main clinic is located on Starr 8 and you can enter through the Starr Pavilion at 525 East 70th Street and take the elevators to the 8th floor. 


The pediatric clinic in located on the 3rd floor of the Helmsley Building on East 70th.




There is parking available at the hospital facility with entrances on East 68th and York.


The Q train will drop you off on East 72nd and 2nd Avenue. From there it is a short walk over to the facility.

How to Get Here //

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